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Butch Pooch
Portrayed byJames Remar
Biographical information
StatusDeceased (killed by Django)
Mississippi, United States
ProfessionCalvin Candie bodyguard
AffiliationCalvin Candie

Butch Pooch was the bodyguard of Calvin Candie, and the one who killed King Schultz. He was portrayed by James Remar who also played Ace Speck.

Biography Edit

Pooch was hired to serve as Calvin Candie's personal bodyguard and protector. He is always seen with a scowl on his face and frequently had at least one hand on his pistol's handle. He also separately carried a double barreled sawed off shotgun in the most dangerous of times.

He is killed by Django from his own pistol after he intentionally blasts Dr. Schultz into the library's shelves, as revenge for killing his master.

Pooch was known for his lack of house manners, such as wearing his hat inside and making frivolous comments when a conversation was directed to Calvin Candie himself.

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