Portrayed byDana Michelle Gourrier
Biographical information
ResidenceCandyland, Mississippi, U.S.
AffiliationCalvin Candie

Cora is a female slave in Candieland under orders of Stephen, who is fond of her body type. It's interesting to note that if Stephen weren't at Candieland it seems that Cora would be the one in charge of the house as she also has a sharp mind. Cora seems sympathetic to Hildi when Stephen figures out that Hildi and Django know each other. After Calvin shows Hildi's scars, Cora comes out and helps Hildi get dressed again. Despite having a heavier body type she is a fast runner compared to the more slender Sheba. She is a level-headed and sharp-witted person, frequently matching quips with Stephen. Django lets Cora and Sheba go after shooting Miss Laura, and the two run past Hildi and her horse after exiting the Candieland house.