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Gürko Langdon was a Albanian landowner. He was known as the "Archduke of Arizona".


In 1845, Langdon and his son Alric Langdon left Albania and went on a business expedition to Arizona. When his son met Conchita, Langdon came up with a audacious plan. He took his and Conchita with him to Spain. During the voyage, he told Conchita that her "real" name was Consuela Ave Maria de Peralta de Cordoba. Upon their arrival in Madrid, Langdon sent Conchita and his son to a boarding school. Langdon then looked into the lineage and estates of the Iberian aristocracy. He also worked as a café to perfect his spanish. He then forged a fake birth certificate for Conchita, created her deceased family and nearly bankrupted himself by purchasing family heirlooms replicas.[1]

Langdon then went to Loarre Castle to establish the colonial holdings of the "Peralta de Cordoba" duchy. He then went to the Royal Monastery of Santa Maria de Vallbona to "become" a monk. For five years he worked for the Lord Abbot until he was assigned to the scriptorium and learned it's secrets. Two years later, he was able to place the holdings into the scriptorium. The Lord Abbot discovered his attempt, but Langdon pushed him down the stairs and killed him. Langdon claimed it was a accident and left the monastery.[1]

Notes & References[]

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