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The LeQuint Dickey Mining Co. operates somewhere in the American South, and is presumed to be located somewhere near Candyland as it was recognized by Lara Lee Candie-Fitzwilly. According to her, it is notorious for using slaves that would mine there until they die of exhaustion. Django was supposed to be transferred here after his defeat during the shootout at the Candyland mansion but he managed to escape after he tricked Frankie, Jano and an unnamed employee into giving him a gun and killed all the three handlers. The failed transport operation also led to the company not being shown at any point in the movie.


At least two of its members are not Americans as they appear to speak in an Australian accent. Django also mimicked an Australian accent while saying "mate" to level with them.


Django was with three Mandingo fighters while being transferred to the mines. However, Django tricked his three handlers. The fighters were presumed to have escaped afterwards after one of them said "Who was that n***a?" (referring to Django) at the end of the movie.