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That's why they call him Big Fred! Worth every penny

—Leonide Moguy to Candie, Django Unchained

Leonide "Leo" Moguy was Calvin Candie's lawyer. He was always seen travelling with Monsieur Candie to ensure that he would be safe from legal issues. He is shown to be an acknowledging character throughout the film, being quiet but sly as well. He claims to have been raised to serve Monsieur Candie in terms of the law, hired by Candie's grandfather and put through law school.

He seems to be in wholehearted agreement with Monsieur Candie in every single one of his wild claims and strange anecdotes, as well as encouraging Big Fred in a fight previously in the film. He also treats black people with disrespect.

Leonide Moguy was also the one who appointed Candie in signing the sale and ownership papers to Dr. King Schultz after he purchases Broomhilda.

He is shot while yelling with a bullet through the abdomen after he tries to escape the parlor in the shootout at the plantation. He is shot several times after this, when he is laying down screaming in agony. He eventually dies from the bullets fired at his body.