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I want you to burn a runaway "R" right here on his cheek, and the girl, too. I want you to take them to the Greenville auction and sell them. Both of them...separately...

—Curtis to The Brittle Brothers.

Curtis Carrucan is a minor antagonist in Django Unchained. He is the sadistic owner of the Carrucan Plantation and the former owner of Django and Broomhilda.


Old Man Carrucan is a rich plantation owner who had caught two of his slaves, Django and his wife Broomhilda, trying to escape. He then had The Brittle Brothers whip Broomhilda in front of Django for punishment, had an "R" bunt on their right cheeks and had them both sold cheap and separately because he didn't believe in blacks getting married. Django was sold to the Speck Brothers at the Greenville Auction House, along with several other slaves while Broomhilda was bought by Scotty Harmony.

It is unknown as to what happened to him after Django was sold and eventually freed by King Schultz.


  • Bruce Dern, the actor who played Old Man Carrucan, also played Confederate General Sanford Smithers in The Hateful Eight, another Quentin Tarantino film.
  • Though his first name hasn't been confirmed, the name Curtis has been given to this character through the Tarantino Archives.