Roger Brittle
Portrayed byCooper Huckabee
Biographical information
StatusDeceased (killed by Django)
Also known asLittle Raj
ResidenceMississippi, U.S.
AffiliationThe Brittle Brothers
Spencer Gordon Bennet
Family members

Big John Brittle - Brother
Ellis Brittle - Brother


Roger Brittle, also known as Little Raj, was a member of the Brittle Brothers, who once owned Django and Broomhilda.


Roger is the youngest of the Brittle Brothers.

During the film, the Brittle Brothers began mocking Django and Broomhilda of their marriage and the couple attempted to escape but they are captured and branded with whip badly. Before Broomhilda was whipped, he is shown to be tying her to the tree.

His second appearance, he is seen, again, dragging a slave to a tree to tie her as Big John prepares, only to be confronted by Django. Django shoots Big John in the chest and Roger draws his gun, struggling in the process, and is whipped multiple times by Django. He is then killed by him with five shots to the chest with his own gun.