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Spencer Gordon Bennet, also known as Big Daddy Bennet, is the owner of the Bennet Manor plantation and an associate of the Brittle Brothers who were once overseers of Django and Broomhilda. He is the tertiary antagonist of Django Unchained.


Meeting Schultz and Django

When Dr. King Schultz rescues Django from the Speck brothers, they team up to find Broomhilda but first they must hunt down the Brittle Brothers who work at Bennet's plantation in Gatlinburg, Tennesee. Django and Schultz go to Bennet's plantation. Upon meeting them, Bennet becomes hostile to the duo until Schultz offers to buy one of his slaves.

Schultz and Django successfully kill the Brittle Brothers, but are met by an again hostile Bennet and his henchmen who wish to kill them. Schultz shows Bennet the dead or alive warrant for the Brittles and Bennet reluctantly lets them go.


Unwilling to let them go, Bennet and a group of KKK members lead an attack against Schultz's dentist carriage. Anticipating this, Schultz and Django distance themselves from the carriage and leave dynamite. Ultimately, the attack was unsuccessful. One of the reasons for this was the use of white masks which covered the vision of Bennet's men. Shortly after, Schultz ambushes the attackers and shoots the dynamite, blowing up some of them and scaring the rest. Big Daddy Bennett then tries to flee on a horse but Django shoots him from a distance with a rifle, killing him.

Behind the Scenes

In a typical Tarantino reference, Bennet's name is that of a Hollywood film serial director.

According to Schultz's remarks in Daughtry, Bennet Manor is located in Gatlinburg, Tennessee along with several other plantations. The actual Gatlinburg sits in rugged terrain near the Smoky Mountains; there was little that slaves could have been used for. The thin, rocky soil may have been able to accommodate some dirt farms, but not the large scale plantation operations. In actuality, Gatlinburg gained the reputation as a community of hosting abolitionists. Today it is known as a tourist trap that stages "authentic" local culture, much as Bennet represents the stage-set Southern gentleman.

Filming took place at Louisiana's Evergreen Plantation.

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