Diego de la Vega
Biographical information
Also known asZorro
ResidenceLos Angeles, California
Masked Hero
Family members

Don Alejandro de la Vega (father)
Bernardo (milk brother)


Zorro is the alias of an aged Don Diego de la Vega. He hails from Los Angeles, California and was on his way to Arizona when he met Django Freeman, but not by accident or coincidence.


Don Diego is on his way to Arizona via carriage when he comes across Django wandering in the desert. He is told that Django's horse had to be shot, so Diego offered Django a ride to avoid the desert heat. Django intended to ride where the cabbie sits, but Diego insists that Django ride in the carriage with him. Which with Django being black and Diego being white, it bewildered Django some what. As they ride along, Diego make small talk, but Django is put off slightly by Diego's fussy persona.

Although Diego's kindness towards Django reminds him of his old friend King Schultz, who is dead. Unfortunately they are soon attacked by a gang, so then Django shows Diego that he is actually a bounty hunter. He saw Diego's wagon and used it as bait to draw out his targets. The gang is killed by Django and Diego notices something about Django that he likes. In fact, Diego offers to pay Django real gold if he stays on as a bodyguard of sorts for Diego. He could hardly refuse.

In the next town after Django and Bernardo talk in a manner, Diego is soon to be robbed by another gang of hoodlums. Django intends to step in, but Bernardo stops him. So as Django watches, Diego fends for himself quite effortlessly against his would be assailants. He uses his parasail as a defensive weapon, then he uses his cane which is a sheath for a sword. Using his sword, Diego carves something into a man's hand.

Django is even more reminded of Schultz and amazed by his skill. Diego then tells Django that they are going to Arizona for a reason. Diego is going to have a meeting with the so called Archduke of Arizona. After they leave, the man who was slashed in the hand by Diego soon sees that he was slashed by the Z of El Zorro himself.


Diego seems to be a bit tired and fussy given his much older age. He is a true gentleman with a taste for finer things. Yet when he dons his costume, his Diego persona is shed and he becomes more serious and at times fierce. Given he threatened to kill a man should he not leave Arizona or ever return.


Diego has many skills such as swordsmanship, horseback riding, knows how to use a whip, and stealth. He snuck up on Django, who was smoking a cigar and he was genuinely terrified.


  • Zorro is a fictional character created by Johnston McCulley back in 1911.
  • Zorro is under the Dynamite Entertainment license.